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Musicians acting like Jocks

Since it’s a “Super” week leading up to the Super Sunday, we’ll take a look at musicians and they’re tenuous relationship with sports. If you ask any musician, most likely they’ll tell you they picked up an instrument because they were not jocks.  However once said musician becomes a rock star, they are sometimes unwittingly […]

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Covering Bowie

It’s been two months since David Bowie’s passing and as many of you know there have been many attempts to honor the man by covering his music. Some of been really stellar (Lorde at the BRIT awards), some have been ambitious but fallen flat (Lady Gaga at The Grammys) and some are sincere but questionable […]

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New Music Friday Sexagenarian edition

Elton John is 68, Lucinda Williams is 63.  They both have new albums out today and they’re both worthy of your attention.  It really shouldn’t surprise you as Elton has put together quite a brilliant collection of efforts since he teamed up with T-Bone Burnett as his Producer.  I’ve heard a few interviews with Elton […]

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The Return Of Tower Records

It’s not exactly the return of Tower Records but with the release of Colin Hank’s documentary “All Things Must Pass” this week, there is much reminiscing about what the record chain that shuttered its doors in 2006. It was a moment in time when you had to rely on the staff to educate you on […]

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Beats 1 The Honeymoon period

President’s traditionally get 100 days grace period when the first take office which I think is why Apple Music is giving us 90 days free before we decide to pay for the service.    Here is what I think might happen once the ninety days are over. The big selling point for many has been […]

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Best Reissues and Box Set 2014

If you haven’t been weighted down with Starbucks gift certificates, you’re probably swimming in Amazon Gift Certificates so with that in mind why not buy/re-purchase music you bought decades ago.  Here are ten of my favorite reissues and box sets released in 2014. Led Zeppelin I II, III, IV and House Of The Holy Bob […]

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Tower Records on Sunset

I just read today that the spot where Tower Records on Sunset used to stand will now become a showcase for Gibson Instruments.  I’m actually happy that the city of West Hollywood is respecting the hallowed ground and history of the location.  I’m hoping Gibson will do it right by promoting new music with showcases […]

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Music Families Should See Together

I took the family to see Paul McCartney.  I’ve seen Paul a few times but I knew it was time to take the family to see an actual music icon.  Time is running out on a number of these artists.  I wish my parents had taken me to see Led Zeppelin or Elvis Presley but […]

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New Music Tuesday

It’s whatever happened to or why doesn’t this artist ever release any new music Tuesday today. It’s almost like the “Walking Dead” in the music industry right now.  I kid, but seriously, look out! So whatever happened to Mazzy Star?  In the 90’s they released three well received albums including their sophomore release “So Tonight That […]

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New Music Tuesday

My favorite pop band band hailing from Glasgow that’s not named Belle and Sebastian is putting out a new album entitled Desire Lines.  That band would be Camera Obscura and they’re working with one of my favorite producers, Tucker Martine and singing with two of my favorite artists Jim James and Neko Case.  I’m putting […]

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