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The Blue Jean Committee

As a huge fan of music documentaries, it was such a treat to watch Bill Hader and Fred Armisen tackle the genre in their Documentary Now! series. Their obvious source of inspiration was the Eagles Documentary History Of The Eagles.  It was so obvious because the name of their manager was a play on the name […]

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Bands with similar sounding names

Opening act for Benjamin Booker last week at The Roxy was a band playing Coachella this year from Leeds called Eagulls.  They really knocked me out.  Lead singer George Mitchell sounds like Robert Smith and the band reminds me of the shoe gazer bands of the 90s like the recently reunited Ride.  But the band’s […]

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Robert Plant vs. The Eagles

“Teenage angst has paid off well, now I’m bored and old”.  This is the famous opening line Kurt Cobain sang in his first album after the breakthrough Nevermind record.  Robert Plant has revived it although he’s throwing it at another band. In anticipation of the newly remastered Led Zeppelin records, Robert Plant was asked once […]

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The Fabulous Forum

Just in case you flew into LAX recently you might have been puzzled by the sight of an over-sized record album.   The album (all 250,000 square feet of vinyl!) is sitting atop the newly refurbished Fabulous Forum.     The Eagles who opened up the Nokia Theatre in October 2007 will have the honors […]

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Music Hoaxes

In celebration of the first day of April, I took a trip to Snopes and picked out ten of my favorite hoaxes.  Enjoy! 1) Gene Simmons has a cow’s tongue grafted onto his own. 2) Marilyn Manson was Paul Pffeiffer from the Wonder Years. 3) Rod Stewart had seman pumped out of his stomach 4) […]

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Stay In

Sure it’s cold and do you really want to go outside? Stay inside and watch some movies! Here’s a few to recommend: Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream Everyone else saw it.  So should you. History Of The Eagles: Everyone ends up rich and lives happily ever after Searching For Sugar Man: Fascinating documentary about […]

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History of The Eagles

“I guess”. The one thing I learned about The History of The Eagles, now playing on Showtime, is that it took those two words to break up the biggest band of the 1970s. While all the cool kids were watching the Beyonce documentary on HBO last week, I spent three hours engrossed in the story of the […]

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Jack Tempchin

You might not recognize the name  but Jack Tempchin became the Laurel Canyon version of the Brill Building by creating songs for the Eagles, Jackson Browne, Johnny Rivers among many others. Here’s Jack from his blog “My Peaceful Easy Feeling” talking about how “Peaceful Easy Feeling” was discovered: “Jackson Browne, Glenn Frey and J.D. Souther […]

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