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MTV videos 2016

We all know that no one cares about the show but of course there will be talking points that everyone will discuss this week. There are five nominations for Video of The Year and they are worth watching. There is  Drake awkwardly dancing in a cube and Bieber’s dancers awkwardly trying to work together.  There […]

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Song Of The Summer

It’s the first day of summer and so we can officially track the “Song Of Summer”. I’m not sure when this became a thing.  Billboard has tracked the summer song since 1985. It’s the songs that are on the charts from Memorial Day to Labor Day, For those of you that are curious the first […]

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New Music Friday

I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to need to post New Music Friday updates.  Beyoncé and Drake are officially releasing their new albums but as you probably know they already have been available.  Beyoncé releasing Lemonade exclusively through Tidal and Drake releasing his album exclusively through Apple Music. Beyoncé brilliantly released the album […]

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Rock and Roll Christmas Sweaters

The ugly Christmas sweater jumped the shark a long time ago but we can still enjoy the attempts to match the idea of dark, foreboding rock music with the joyous Christmas holiday.  So for those of you in need of some last-minute gift ideas, feel free to enjoy Steven Colbert and Henry Rollins modeling their ugly […]

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Hitters Walk Up Music

Opening week of baseball.  Everyone feels positive this will be there year.  Good vibes all around.  By the month of May excuses start and questions arise.  Each game brings new hope and each at bat gives the player a  chance to make something happen.  Part of the fun is the music a player selects to pump him […]

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Favorite Songs 2013

As much as I love albums I do love radio and the amazing ability for certain songs to be played over and over and yet still get enjoyment out of them with each listen.  So here are the 20 songs that I played ad infinitum in 2013.  As always the songs are in no particular […]

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