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Labor Day videos 1980s style

I don’t know what it was about the 80s and our desire to sing a catchy pop song about the trials and tribulations of the working class but here are ten videos you watched on MTV for your Labor Day weekend.  So pop open a Bartles & Jaymes and enjoy.  Thank you for your support. And how […]

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Rock Hall Class of 2013

Donna Summer, Public Enemy and Rush are among the artists inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  “Who are those other two said fans of any one of those?” so jokes Seth Meyer on last week’s Saturday Night Live Weekend Update and he’s kind of right. Much like the music scene today, the […]

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The Rock Hall nominations were announced last week and inspired by my predictions last year, I figured I’d try it again.  This year’s nominations also factor in fans votes this years.  So vote early and vote often for your favorites. Once again as inspired by My Morning Jacket’s “Wordless Chorus“, here are the nominees and my […]

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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame came out with its list of nominees: If it were up to me (which sadly, it is not) I would give it to the innovators not the imitators (thanks to My Morning Jacket’s “Wordless Chorus” for always keeping that lyric in my mind).  Here is the list and […]

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