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Favorite Singles 2016

My ten favorite songs for 2016. My only rule is they had to be released as singles.   My apologies to Beyoncé and Rihanna but since I’m an old guy I went outside the Top 40 and went for those NPR type songs.  FYI-Formation and Work were definite highlights from this year. I’m still a melody guy […]

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New Music Friday

Just like The Ramones, Motorhead and AC/DC before them, Dinosaur Jr. refuse to evolve musically and yet each and every album they release is just as exciting as their previous efforts. The band knows how to keep it loud and melodic.  Case in point is the first single “Tiny” from Dinosaur Jr.’s new album “Give […]

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Free Music Friday

Spin Magazine has their September/October mixtape including a new one from Dinosaur Jr.   Her the Dinosaur Jr. song and then download it and 8 other songs from iTunes by using the magical iTunes code 73NAMN6YHY4N.  Redeem by 10/31/2012 The Americana Music Festival was held last weekend in Nashville and to commemorate all that country, blues […]

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Vinyl, digital or other?

As I’m sure you all are aware, the CD format is slowly dying.  While I don’t think there will ever be a suitable replacement for the vinyl album, I recognize that my kids still do the same things I did as a kid only in a virtual way.  My older daughter finds the songs she […]

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