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2 For 2uesday

2 of my favorite songs this week from the 30 days 30 songs website   Andrew Bird with Jim James “Sic Of Elephants” Andrew says the song is “about people’s capacity to convince themselves that something so wrong is right. The harder they have to try, the more fervent they become.   Cold War Kids […]

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2 for 2uesday

Just when you think the protest song has disappeared along comes Dave Eggers who is curating a project called 30 Days 30 Songs. Eggers started the project after attending a Trump rally in Sacramento for The Guardian. “While the audience was waiting for Trump to appear, I was pretty surprised to hear music by Bruce […]

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Cassette Store Day

Yes, Cassette Store Day is an actual thing. Thank you, Millennials.  Actually when I did go to Amoeba to sell my old Cyndi Lauper and Van Halen cassettes I got more money then I would have ten years earlier so thank you Millennials. For those of you that still like listening to muddy sounding recordings […]

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Rock Album Grammy Nominees

When the Grammy nomination come out you usually hold your breath and hope that they well represent your favorite music genre.  I think since they’ve changed the requirements for voting, the Grammy committee has been pretty accurate in their selections. This year might be the year that the Grammy committee threw up its arms in […]

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New Music Tuesday

A full time indie artist, a former indie band on major label and former indie to major back to indie label artist all are adding great new music to their catalogs. Sufjan Stevens has recorded under his own independent label, Asthmatic Kitty for 15 years running and his new album, Carrie & Lowell is one […]

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Record Store Day

Record Store Day 2014 is here!  Frankly, like Coachella it’s gotten a little out of control.  Much like I’d prefer to see bands in a club instead of with 50,000 people, I’d prefer to shop on my own time instead of waiting for a couple hours to get my purchase. However, I am all for […]

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The Record Album

While the music industry saw CDs as their savior in the 80’s as everyone rushed to upgrade their collections, their friend the CD eventually turned to the dark side.  Artists suddenly felt that they had  to put 70 minutes of music on each disc.  Every note of music suddenly had to be heard forgetting that […]

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