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2 For 2uesday: Warren Zevon edition

Warren Zevon would have only been 70 today had he not succumbed to stupid cancer in 2003.  Enjoy every sandwich, people! FYI, Zevon was interviewed on the Late Show with David Letterman after Zevon had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Letterman asked Zevon if there was anything he understood now, facing his own mortality, that he […]

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Linda Ronstadt Tribute

Brandy Clark: I’d like to thank Linda Ronstadt, wherever you are J.D. Souther: I know where she is That quick exchange at the Ace Hotel this past Sunday reminded everyone that Linda is, thankfully, still among us, although due to her affliction with Parkinson’s Disease she can no longer sing. The amazing thing about Linda […]

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New Music Friday

Summer is nearing an end which is the only reason I can think why there are three releases with “die” in their name or title of the album. The good news is all three “die” titles are tied to amusing records. Cape Town, South African hip hop electronic  artists Die Antwood are releasing their new […]

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Music Collaboration

John Fogerty just released an album “Wrote a Song For Everyone” comprised solely of past Creedence Clearwater Revival and solo songs.  The hook is he’s collaborating with a different artist for each song of that artist’s choosing.  i.e. Foo Fighters performing “Fortunate Son” and  Dawes performing “Someday Never Comes” I’m not sure if it means anything […]

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New Music Tuesday

19-year-old Englishman Jake Bugg has a love of US East Coast Folk Rock.  You can hear it immediately in the songs “Safron” and “Taste It” and yet his songs are not direct rip offs but something to inspire him to reach new heights.  The songs I heard sound like a 19 year still finding his way (the […]

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The Collaboration

“I’d like to now bring out on stage…”  When I’m at shows those words always get me excited about which possible artist is waiting in the wings ready to step forward.  Sometimes, even if the names don’t earn an audible gasp (i.e. Beyonce or Bruce Springsteen) it can still be very cool. Last week at Dawes’ […]

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Twilight Dance Series tonight

This is nothing more LA this week than going to the Santa Monica Pier and celebrating the end of summer with LA area band Dawes. So kick off your shoes, look out to the setting sun and be thankful that you live in such a beautiful city. I just bet they’ll play this great song. […]

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Free Music Friday

Lollapalooza is this weekend in Chicago and as always the lineup is pretty impressive.  The first Lollapalooza was in 1991 (20! years) and after going on hiatus and  an unsuccessful touring re-launch, it has remained as a 3-day party in Chicago since 2005.  Click on the logo to get 30 songs from 30 artists.  Not too shabby. […]

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Vinyl, digital or other?

As I’m sure you all are aware, the CD format is slowly dying.  While I don’t think there will ever be a suitable replacement for the vinyl album, I recognize that my kids still do the same things I did as a kid only in a virtual way.  My older daughter finds the songs she […]

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