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Best albums of 2015…so far

As I was compiling my favorites from the past 6 months, I realized they all reminded me of different artists that I already loved.  I guess it was the familiar mixed in with the new that made these albums so fun and familiar and yet so varied/ Bob Dylan “Shadows In The Night” I’m even […]

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1000 posts

I was about to start typing about some nonsense when I noticed that I’ve actually passed the 1,000 post mark.  This is actually post 1,002. I’m reading a book right now called “Show Your Work! 10 Ways To Show Your Creativity and Get Discovered” by Austin Kleon. It’s a quick read that inspires you to […]

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Where are the new love songs

Love songs are kind of like Christmas songs.  Just like artists will always try to improve on “White Christmas” or “The Christmas Song” and will never succeed, there will always be artists trying to improve upon “At Last” or “Let’s Get It On”.  I can play Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks or Cocteau Twins “Treasure” or Jeff […]

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Best Albums 2014

  Music is so niche that most best album lists I’ve viewed contain maybe two or three albums I’ve actually heard.  It’s so personal but I try to choose albums that I think may have a longer shelf life and that I think get better upon frequent listens.  I also think it’s no coincidence that […]

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New Music Tuesday

On December 13, 2013, Beyoncé yelled “surprise” on Instagram and everyone freaked out and immediately clicked on iTunes to get her newly available surprise album. Surprise! Un vídeo publicado por Beyoncé (@beyonce) el Dic 12, 2013 at 9:12 PST On September 9, 2014 U2 asked “Remember Us?” to announce their new surprise album “Songs Of […]

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Sexy (NSFW) Music Videos

That title alone should get me a lot of “hits” today. Both Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke have recently released videos that celebrate the female form (at least the 20 something well honed female form) and people are all a titter (pun intended) about whether this is appropriate. Of course nudity and music go hand […]

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