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Pasadena Daydream Festival

Since the What Difference Does It Make Podcast started we always seem to sneak The Cure into our discussion. In anticipation of our attending the Pasadena Daydream Festival, we look at the ten bands on the bill and pick out the most Cure like lyrics in one of each band’s songs. Podcast and Spotify playlist […]

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Favorite Halloween Theme Music Videos that are not Thriller

No question, we all love Thriller but sometimes we need slightly different thrills to add to our Halloween enjoyment.  Here are a dozen videos that make my body start to shiver. Because no no mere mortal can resist; the evil of the thriller. Nine Inch Nails “Closer” Rotating hanging bodies, pig heads on a stick. Creepy factor […]

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New Music Friday

Two very different styles of music from these ladies but both of these artists are worth your attention. Iris DeMent The Trackless Woods‘ sets 18 poems by acclaimed 20th Century Russian poet Anna Akhmatova to life. The project also fulfilled a long yearned-for desire to connect with her adopted daughter’s culture and history. Iris and her […]

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New Music Tuesday

In the 1980s a man named Trent Rezner formed a band called Nine Inch Nails that garnered worldwide acclaim.  Their  dark, industrial and yet melodic sound appealed to those disaffected youths seeking  a change in musical direction from the pop sound of its time.   Trent retired the band in 2008 to take on different […]

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