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New Music Friday

Superstars Carrie Underwood, Rod Stewart and Andres Bocelli all have new albums coming out but the indie darling that everyone’s excited about in certain circles is Joanna Newsom and her fourth album and first in 5 years being released. It’s called Divers and Pitchfork has already declared it as “Best New Music” giving it an […]

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American Idol

American Idol’s May 23, 2006 showdown won by Taylor Hicks over Katherine McPhee had over 36 million viewers and 63.4 million votes for the contest (that’s more than we have voted for a US President, people!) It holds the distinction of having the longest winning streak in the Nielsen annual television ratings.  It became the highest-rated […]

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New Music Tuesday

I was wondering why everyone was putting out their best of 2013  music lists with a whole month to go and then I saw what’s coming out this month and I realized that this was the month of “wait?…what??”  Here are two examples. Boston is releasing a new album…wait? what??  Yes, the bad that released […]

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