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Hold the football

Many halftime performers are given a football and they have to (awkwardly) pose with it and try to make it look like they know what this foreign object is. Here are the results. 1992: Gloria Estefan awkward two handed hold on a football 1993: Michael Jackson seems to be questioning why this thing is in […]

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5 Things That Made Me Smile This Weekend

There are so many insane things going on in the world currently but 5 things appeared this weekend to bring a smile to my face. Patton Oswalt lip syncing his way through Weezer‘s “I Love The USA” Bruno Mars new single “24K Magic” Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s reworking of Hamilton’s “My Shot” Paul McCartney performing “Why Don’t […]

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April 20

As the story on Wikipedia goes: In 1971, a group of people in San Rafael, California, calling themselves the Waldos because “their chosen hang-out spot was a wall outside the school”, made a plan to search for an abandoned cannabis crop. The Waldos designated the Louis Pasteur statue on the grounds of San Rafael High […]

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New Music Tuesday

Love Motown?  What about New Jack Swing? Do you miss the music of Amy Winehouse? Can’t wait until the next Bruno Mars album drops?  Well fear not, as your dream album comes out today. Mark Ronson‘s “Uptown Special” is inspired by his musical influences from early 90s hip-hop, funk, soul and R&B. Forgot how much […]

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Accapella with piano

In this era of remixes and adding beats to tracks it seems like simplicity is easing its way into the mainstream. Call it The Adele Factor as she struck gold with her song “Someone Like You”.   It became the first single of the decade to sell a million units in the United Kingdom and […]

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Adult Top 40 music

There’s no long a need to smash your radio. As usual, I lose the battle to control the car stereo when my daughter is in the car with me. Lately though I haven’t minded too much when  the dial lands on Top 40 station KIIS-FM.  I no longer feel the need to smash the radio. These […]

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Grammy Nominations

The Grammy awards have been reduced from 109 to 78 categories wisely removing the distinction between male and female performances. Of course that doesn’t mean there are still some eyebrow raising moments. The most pleasant surprise is the recognition of Bon Iver.  The song “Holocene” was nominated for Record Of The Year and Song Of The Year. […]

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Talk about the Passion

I came across this article in The Onion over the weekend.  In a nutshell, it’s two older guys (33 and 41) old of course, is a relative term, discussing why friends their age don’t have the inclination to check out new music.  They will however, not think twice about throwing down $45 for two tickets and […]

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