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Hold the football

Many halftime performers are given a football and they have to (awkwardly) pose with it and try to make it look like they know what this foreign object is. Here are the results. 1992: Gloria Estefan awkward two handed hold on a football 1993: Michael Jackson seems to be questioning why this thing is in […]

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Ten seconds with Bruce

It kind of felt like the waiting in line scene in A Christmas Story.  Only instead of kids waiting in line for Santa, it was a bunch of 40-60 year olds waiting in line to meet Bruce Springsteen in honor of his autobiography “Born To Run”. We were told line ups started at 4AM.  I got […]

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Springsteen photos out in the street

As most every Springsteen fan knows, his autobiography “Born To Run” is coming out on September 27. I look forward to reading it and perhaps learning a little bit about what drives, insprires and motivates the man. His concerts are well known, epic experiences and there are many memorable concert photos of Bruce and the […]

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New Music Friday

Bruce Springsteen‘s autobiography, “Born To Run” comes out on Tuesday.   The accompanied album is called Chapter and Verse and it comes out today.  It’s basically a greatest hits package but the carrots are five songs Bruce recorded prior to his debut. You can feast on these songs two songs by The Castiles with Bruce […]

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Sleepovers for tickets

Back in the day it was first come first served for tickets.  You wait in line and wait your turn.  I got rewarded with good seats to see Springsteen and U2.  Of course this thing called the world wide web came around and everyone all over the world could get a ticket for a show. […]

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Stairway to Taurus

You listen to “Taurus” by Spirit and Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”  back to back and you think like Stephen Colbert, “They’re screwed” Springsteen said it at the 2012 SXSW keynote.  He played the Animals “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place” and admitted it’s every song he’s every written.  At 5:24 he says “youngsters, watch […]

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2 for 2uesday: Prince tribute covers

Not surprisingly there have been a number of artists covering their favorite Prince song.  Ironically, Prince did not want people to cover his songs. Bruce Springsteen played “Purple Rain” in Brooklyn.  The song is currently available to download for free on his website.   Here’s Lin Manuel Miranda and the entire cast of Hamilton performing […]

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Covering Bowie

It’s been two months since David Bowie’s passing and as many of you know there have been many attempts to honor the man by covering his music. Some of been really stellar (Lorde at the BRIT awards), some have been ambitious but fallen flat (Lady Gaga at The Grammys) and some are sincere but questionable […]

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Rock’s Greatest Leaps

Some are planned.  Some are spontaneous.  Some signify to the band when to end the song.  A well timed leap can always add excitement and surprise to shows.  In honor of leap day, I give you a few photos and videos of some memorable rock star leaps.   And what’s a leap day like without […]

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New Music Friday

In this special edition of New Music we salute two epic double albums released over 35 years ago Fleetwood Mac’s album “Tusk” was released on October 12, 1979 at a cost of over (put pinky to mouth for 20 year old Austin Powers reference) $1 million….hey, someone had to keep the cocaine flowing for these […]

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