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The Springsteen Dancers

Bruce Springsteen shows are amazing, bonding moments between the artist and the fans.  That said, besides fist pumping and clapping and throwing both hands in the air (like you just don’t care), Springsteen’s music is not conducive to dancing.  Just think of the awkward dance between Bruce and Courtney Cox in the Dancing In The […]

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Bruce Springsteen The River 1981 vs. 2016

I’m seeing Bruce Springsteen tonight.  In 1981, this $12.50 ticket on the floor could have been scalped for nearly $100.  A majority of the music played in 1981 was new.  Most of the audience was 25 and under. Tonight, a seat in the nosebleed section including service charges goes for $175.  A majority of the […]

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Born To Run turns 40

Born To Run was released on August 25, 1975.  It was Bruce Springsteen‘s third album.  The first two records, while critically acclaimed, did not sell very well.  I think most industry experts would agree that in today’s market, Springsteen would have been dropped by Columbia probably after the first album and definitely after the second record. […]

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