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Cassette Store Day

Yes, Cassette Store Day is an actual thing. Thank you, Millennials.  Actually when I did go to Amoeba to sell my old Cyndi Lauper and Van Halen cassettes I got more money then I would have ten years earlier so thank you Millennials. For those of you that still like listening to muddy sounding recordings […]

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Black Vinyl Friday

I probably shouldn’t call it Black Vinyl Friday as practically every disc offered by your local independent record store during the Black Friday sale is splashed with color. Here are my top 5 suggestions from the long list of records that might be worth waiting in line for to get this Black Friday 2015. The […]

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Michael Brown and the perfect pop song

In my opinion, the perfect pop song  has melody, a great hook, great instrumentation without being overbearing and the lyrics usually have a sense of nostalgia or regret or of course, love. Phil Spector’s production on The Ronette’ s”Be My Baby“, The Beach Boy’s “God Only Knows“, The Zombies “This Will be Our Year“, Big […]

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September Songs

September represents the start of school,  the time to put away those shorts and begin a new chapter in your life or reflect on times past.  This is probably the reason there are more songs with September in the title than January.  January may represent a new year but it’s still winter, nothing has really […]

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Rock and Roll Documentaries

There’s a number of rock docs that are circulating around movie theaters and TV screens so be on the lookout for these 5 that are worth checking out. Pussy Riot A Punk Prayer (HBO):  I’m not familiar with their music but the story about the power of music to affect change is timeless   Ain’t […]

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The Collaboration

“I’d like to now bring out on stage…”  When I’m at shows those words always get me excited about which possible artist is waiting in the wings ready to step forward.  Sometimes, even if the names don’t earn an audible gasp (i.e. Beyonce or Bruce Springsteen) it can still be very cool. Last week at Dawes’ […]

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