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Happy Birthday Matt Groening

Matt has created the longest running TV series ever (in case you’re not paying attention, it’s The Simpsons) and yet I still don’t know how to correctly say his last name….I’m pretty sure it’s Gray-ning. Since, this is a music blo,g I present to you my 5 favorite musician cameos from the show. Linda Ronstadt […]

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MTV Awards

I watched the MTV awards last week and like every other old person watching it was left wondering, “I don’t get it”.  It’s not like in the 80’s when it was relevant and spoke to me.  And who is this Kevin Hart guy hosting the show and why is he doing a Nicholas Fehn impersonation […]

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Rock Hall Induction

While young fans were gathering in the desert at Coachella to celebrate music of the future and recent past, people aged above their 40’s gathered together to celebrate music’s golden past  in Cleveland for the 27th Annual Rock Hall induction ceremony. Part of the fun of the induction ceremony is trying to figure out which […]

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