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Hello and Goodbye

It was a weekend of hellos (Winter Olympics opening ceremony and Jimmy Fallon to The Tonight Show) and goodbyes (Jay Leno’s last show and X Factor cancellation) and Hello Goodbye to The Beatles 50th anniversary appearance on Ed Sullivan.  Each one was celebrated with song so without further adieu. … Russian Police Choir sing Daft […]

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2011 Favorite Music Documentaries

Hopefully, you have a little bit of time off in the next couple of weeks so it might be a great time to catch up on some music related films from 2011.  Here are a few of my favorites.  Click on the photos to see the trailer. 1) George Harrison Living In The Material World […]

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Beatles Life Events

As I type this, it is what could have been, John Lennon’s 71st birthday. Also on this day today, eternal optimist Paul McCartney married Nancy Shevell.  Ringo Starr was apparently in attendance.  It is Paul’s third and Nancy’s second marriage.  May this be the final marriage for both. This weekend was also when the George […]

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Coming Up

Unless you’re a Fanilow, there really isn’t anything new to get too excited about this week. There is a re-release of two Paul McCartney albums, McCartney from 1970 and McCartney II from 1980. McCartney is significant in that it signaled the end of the Beatles.  Paul even included his own Q&A with advance copies to the press […]

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We will never get tired of The Beatles

It used to amaze me but not anymore, how people (myself included) are obsessed with all the minutia surrounding a band that made records together for less than a decade.  This weekend for me was a prime example. First off, I rented the movie “Nowhere Boy” this weekend.  The movie is about the childhood of John Lennon […]

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