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True Sadness

In case you’re wondering what the new Avett Brothers album is going to sound like, Seth Avett wrote you a letter. Since you might be like me and can’t read a lick of the small font, the key paragraph is at the bottom where he lists the influences for this album. They are as follows: […]

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Favorite Songs 2013

As much as I love albums I do love radio and the amazing ability for certain songs to be played over and over and yet still get enjoyment out of them with each listen.  So here are the 20 songs that I played ad infinitum in 2013.  As always the songs are in no particular […]

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New Music Tuesday

Mumford and Sons may be putting the banjos down for a while but there are a couple of artists that have been flying the New Folk revival flag for a while and are ready for their close-ups. The Avett Brothers like to wear their hearts on their sleeves.  No emotion is left unturned and so […]

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New Music Tuesday

Three new releases that might end up on my year-end favorites list and this doesn’t even include the amazing Kickstarter campaign of Amanda Palmer who was hoping to raise $100,000 for her new album, Theatre Is Evil and managed to raise $1,192793! First things first and no surprise that it’s Bob Dylan’s new album “Tempest”.  As with most […]

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2011 Favorite Concerts

My favorite shows this year re-connected me to old favorite artists or introduced me to new and past talents that I had previously not known. 1) Prince at The Forum April, 2011 Sometimes you don’t know what you’re going to get with Prince.  He marches to his own muse which is one of the reasons […]

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Strawberry Music Artists

I just got back from the Strawberry Music Festival.  I love going because it’s probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.   I also love it because despite my wishes to get bigger artists, they never will.  These are artists that are dependent on the festival circuit.  They play to an audience […]

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