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More Grammy Predictions 2016

I already made some predictions in the major categories.  It’s going to be an epic battle  involving Lamar Kendrick or Taylor Swift. Here are five more predictions in categories that interest me and don’t involve either Taylor or Lamar BEST TRADITIONAL POP VOCAL ALBUM The Silver Lining: The Songs Of Jerome Kern Tony Bennett & Bill […]

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Rock Album Grammy Nominees

When the Grammy nomination come out you usually hold your breath and hope that they well represent your favorite music genre.  I think since they’ve changed the requirements for voting, the Grammy committee has been pretty accurate in their selections. This year might be the year that the Grammy committee threw up its arms in […]

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Best singles of 2015…so far

There was so much good music that sometimes the good ones escape our notice.  Here are ten songs that did not escape my notice and were played repeatedly during the first six months of 2015.   Beck “Dreams” Beck picks up the tempo and I rediscover my love for Beck dance music   Alabama Shakes “Don’t […]

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New Music Tuesday

Things are certainly popping in Alabama.  The past two weeks St. Paul and The Broken Bones were crushing it at Coachella. On Saturday for Record Store Day they released a live record in the shape of their home state. Now it’s Alabama Shakes turn to grab the spotlight as their second album, Sound & Color is […]

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Shana Tova in song

The Jewish people are a great people that love song and can create great songs.  Something we lack though is the ability to create a memorable pop song for our people.  Instead we make like Weird Al (a brilliant man, but not a Jew) and create tributes to our history through pop songs.   So […]

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New Music Tuesday

The teacher and the student are both releasing music on the same day today. First off is Bonnie Raitt.  It’s been seven years since her last album, Souls Alike came out and a lot has changed in the musical landscape since that time.  Bonnie has noticed and is now off of a major label and […]

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Streaming SXSW

So you’re not in Austin for SXSW, no big deal, you’re still by your computer. Most of the action can be found on the SXSW website It’s only the tip of the iceberg, but it’ll be good to sit by your desk, open up a Shiner and enjoy the music. NPR Music Presents SXSW Showcase […]

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2012 New Artists

Every year the music industry buzzes about trying to figure out which artist is going to break this year.  Now you can play this game and mention these artists to make you seem like you’re right on top of what’s new.  Here are three artists that are buzzworthy right now. Lana Del Rey This girl […]

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