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What to expect in 2015

One of the reasons to love pop music is its unpredictability.  You might know of new releases and new concert tours but you never know which new release will meet those expectations (Taylor Swift) and which will end with a thud  (U2).  The good news is it’s the new year and both Taylor and U2 […]

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Accapella with piano

In this era of remixes and adding beats to tracks it seems like simplicity is easing its way into the mainstream. Call it The Adele Factor as she struck gold with her song “Someone Like You”.   It became the first single of the decade to sell a million units in the United Kingdom and […]

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Stay In

Sure it’s cold and do you really want to go outside? Stay inside and watch some movies! Here’s a few to recommend: Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream Everyone else saw it.  So should you. History Of The Eagles: Everyone ends up rich and lives happily ever after Searching For Sugar Man: Fascinating documentary about […]

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New Music Tuesday

Pick a favorite rock and roll  decade and there’s something interesting for you. 1950’s Feeling reinvigorated after her well-received album “The Party Ain’t Over”,  Wanda Jackson changes producers from Jack White to first time producer and talented musician in his own right Justin Townes Earle.  Wanda’s still got some “Unfinished Business” so  expect more Country […]

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One Year Anniversary

Yes, it’s hard to believe but I’ve been doing this 5 days a week for the past 52 weeks.  That’s 260 posts people!    Who do you think I’ve mentioned the most in my posts?  Anyone that knows anything about me won’t be surprised that Bruce Springsteen was featured 11 times in my posts beating […]

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2011 Favorite Albums

This list changes every day but these albums seemed to stay on whenever I made a change.  So here they are in no particular order…except for the first one. Any one who reads my blog or listens to the radio or watches tv or is ever on the internet and consumes pop culture should not […]

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2011 Favorite songs

Too many favorites to mention but here are the ones I think I’ll be playing for the next decade. Adele “Someone Like You“-Rolling in the Deep would also make this list but I chose this one as it became the first song to hit #1 with just a piano accompaniment.  Extra points for the spot […]

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Grammy Nominations

The Grammy awards have been reduced from 109 to 78 categories wisely removing the distinction between male and female performances. Of course that doesn’t mean there are still some eyebrow raising moments. The most pleasant surprise is the recognition of Bon Iver.  The song “Holocene” was nominated for Record Of The Year and Song Of The Year. […]

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New Music Tuesday

More reissues from the 90s and releases from artists that one might say 7 of the 15 songs belong on a best of collection. Speaking of artists from the 90’s, Craig Armstrong is releasing the soundtrack album to In Time.  I’m not sure if In Time is going to be any good but it’s off to a good start […]

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Adele is viral

Adele may have just had vocal cord surgery and she may not have sung a note since her last show in October but her fans are keeping this album alive.  Adele is resting comfortably and writing on her blog that she is “practicing my mime show now”.  She can now turn on her TV and […]

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