Super Bowl Music Commercials

Beyonce for Pepsi 2013As everyone knows, most of the people who tune in to the Super Bowl are watching for the in-between game fun, like the halftime show, the Puppy Bowl and of course , the commercials.  Here are my favorite music inspired commercials throughout the years.

We’ll start off with this year’s Flaming Lips Hyundai spot.

2012 with Elton John, Melony Amparo and a great cameo from Flava Flav

Eminem 2011

2010 KISS

2009 MC Hammer and Ed McMahon

2008 Alice Cooper and Richard Simmons

2007 Robert Goulet

2005 P Diddy

2004 Willie Nelson

1981 Eddie Rabbit (possibly the first artist to “sell out” for the Super Bowl. Good job Eddie!)

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