Storm Thorgerson

Though it was sad to learn of Storm Thorgerson‘s death, I think it was appropriate that he should pass during the week leading up to Record Store Day.  He was one of a few artists that made the album cover an art form.  I would call him the Salvador Dali of album art as I would stare at these subliminal album cover works of art and try to figure out the what,  who, where and whys of what I was looking at.  These were photographic films filled with stories to interpret before you even got to the music.  It was intriguing.  Does this cover have anything to do with the music? Sometimes it added to the mystery of the music and  made the music better than it actually was but sometimes it was a perfect marriage like the work Storm did with former schoolmates Roger Waters and Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd.    There will never be another like him but his artwork will live on.   Here are a few of my favorites.

Led Zeppelin Houses Of The Holy Storm Thorgerson 1973

Led Zeppelin In Through The Out Door Storm Thorgerson 1976 Audioslave Storm Thorgerson 2002

Styx Pieces Of Eight Storm Thorgerson 1978

Muse - Absolution Storm Thorgerson 2002 The Mars Volta - Deloused in the Comatorium Storm Thorgerson 2003

The Crannberies Bury The Hatchet Storm Thorgerson 1999 Peter Gabriel 1 Storm Thorgerson 1977

Animals Atom Heart Mother

Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Storm Thorgerson 1975  The Division Bell

Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Storm Thorgerson 1973





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  1. pop beats says:

    these arts are amazing. unique indeed

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