Still Thankful for Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell "I'll Be Me" documentary film posterI finally got the chance to watch the documentary I’ll Be Me now available on Netflix.  The film follows Glen Campbell on his final tour from 2011-2012 as he and his wife, Kim and family (many of his kids are in his touring band) handle Glen’s situation dealing with his Alzheimer’s disease.

Watching the film and Glen’s bad days, you are at first shocked the family agrees to let Glen play in front of an audience.  As the film continues though you are thrilled with each performance and the dexterity he still exhibits around a guitar.  You witness the power of music and the need for people to have a purpose in life and not just shut down.  Even if you’re not familiar with Glen Campbell’s music, I think it’s essential viewing because it not only deals with a disease we still don’t quite understand but at some point in our lives we’ll sadly need to deal with family and illness.

After I watched the film, I immediately went to find out how he’s progressing and I guess it’s unfortunately taking its toll on everyone involved.

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