Stay In

Sure it’s cold and do you really want to go outside? Stay inside and watch some movies!

Here’s a few to recommend:

Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream

Everyone else saw it.  So should you.

Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream

History Of The Eagles: Everyone ends up rich and lives happily ever after

History Of The Eagles

Searching For Sugar Man: Fascinating documentary about how a man’s songs can live a  life in parts unknown without his knowledge

Searching For Sugar Man on Redbox

Pitch Perfect:  Over the top school movie about an acapella singing group in college.  If only Glee was as good as this is.Pitch Perfect  Let's Not Get Carried Away


Ted: I didn’t see the movie but “Everybody Needs A Friend” is nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song.  Norah Jones does a great job with this song.  She will sing this at the Academy Award show.

"Ted" Let's Not Get Carried Away

Stay home and watch Adele win an Oscar.  She’ll win for her performance on “Skyfall”

Watch the Academy Awards and see Adele “Skyfall”, Norah Jones sings ” Barbara Streisand, Norah Jones and Jennifer Hudson are also schedule to sing.

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