Spring Break: A Salute to Andrew W.K.

It’s Spring Break time around here and we have tongue-in-cheek discussions of “Let’s Party!”  There is only one person I can think of that has truly honed his skills at creating a raging party through song and performance and that is Andrew Fetterly Wilkes-Krier, but you can call him Andrew W.K.  How dedicated to the party is Andrew.  This is the cover of his debut album “I Get Wet”
Andrew W.K. "I Get Wet" This album contains such party inspiring songs as “It’s Time To Party”, “Fun Night” and “Party Til You Puke”.  Here’s Andrew performing the hit song “Party Hard” on SNL.   You gotta admit the music is so raucous and infectious that you can’t help but join in.  Check out those dance moves!

And that was just from his first album  He’s continue this theme with his albums “The Wolf” and “Close Calls With Brick Walls”

Here’s “I Want To See You Go Wild”

Strangely enough this man is more than a party monster.  He’s also a motivational speaker.  In fact, The New York Times did a feature article on his lectures to Universities throughout the country, including Yale.  According to Wikipedia and not surprisingly “Each event began with Andrew improvising on the piano alone on a stage before they frequently evolved into giant parties, with most of the audience dancing on stage with Andrew”

Andrew can also party the weather forecast.

Last year, Andrew declared his love for My Little Pony when he made an appearance at a My Little Pony fan convention.  His appearance was announced as a motivational seminar on “How to Party like Pinkie Pie“.

Party hard this Spring Break!

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