It arrived in my email box Friday afternoon.  An invitation to try out Spotify.

 In case you are not yet familiar with the name, Spotify is a music subscription service.   What sets it apart first off,  is that it is FREE to use.  Of course,  that means your music will be interrupted by advertisements.  It was a little jarring that while enjoying Dolly Parton’s sweet natured music, an ad for Chris Brown’s latest version of how can I bed this woman song came on for 30 seconds.

On the plus side, there is a lot of music available.  The usual suspects are missing, The Beatles, Eagles and AC/DC.  Adele’s 21 is missing but you probably own it already.

Spotify has partnered with Facebook so you can see your friends’ playlists, subscribe to it and listen instantly.

Spotify also operates like iTunes so it’s not on your browser and hopefully has less hiccups.  The music did play instantly with no downloading wait times.  However, I did get a couple of glitches where music stopped playing but for the price right now I’m willing to try it out for a while.

Spotify also offers a subscription plan $4.99/month with no ads or $9.99/month giving you  the ability to listen to your music offline and  on your phone.

Netflix opened my eyes to the beauty of streaming and the idea of having an enormous library at your disposal.  Spotify may just do the same for me with music. Plus, with Netflix raising their rates for mail delivery (forcing my hand to cancel), I think I may use this money now towards Spotify.

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