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Dave Vanian of The Damned Slash Magazine cover #1

Dave Vanian of The Damned Slash Magazine cover #1

Back in the 70s before we had access to everything and could hear practically everything ever recorded, you could be brought up to date on all the local happenings in the LA punk scene for the low, low d.i.y. price of 50 cents.  Nothing looked like it back then and nothing looks like it now.  I can’t imagine in this digital age some kid lovingly writing about their music scene in a physical newspaper.  It’s all discussed in the new book “Under The Big Black Sun“.  As Tom DeSavia writes:

“The importance of the birth of Slash magazine in May 1977…is immeasurable and cannot be overstated.  The Brainchild of Steve Samiof and photographer Melanie Nissen  not only brought the exploits of the LA scene to the world…but also helped set forth a style both in imaging and text that would go on to instantly define punk rock for eternity.” 

The good news in this digital age is that all 29 issues of Slash Magazine are now available to download and enjoy for FREE by clicking here.

Slash Magazine editorial first issue 1977

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