Shana LiVigni

Shana LiVigniHer son posted the message on her Facebook page but when I read it I thought it was referring to Shana’s mother’s death, surely it couldn’t have been one of my favorite DJs.

She was still vital and active and had recently been posting a lot about her upcoming book regarding her career in radio.  Now that is something I would like to read.

I’ve read Jim Ladd’s Us against the World book “Radio Waves“. Whereby Jim rallies against the corporation that holds him back but what if the Us is holding you back because you are not exactly one of us?  Shana was the first female jock hired at KFRC in San Francisco.  I’m sure she built up a tough skin from all the jokey asides that were just meant in playful fun.

Her career really took off when she moved down to LA and I got to hear her playful and yet musically educated manner on the air.  And like all icons like Cher or Madonna, she just went by her first name, Shana. As I discovered radio, Shana worked all the stations that mattered to me KHJ, KLOS and KROQ.

When she moved to the other side of the business and started working records, I got a small thrill when she called me and I got to know her a little bit.  She called me “Dot” because there was a dot in my email address which she found amusing.

As we moved onto other projects we kind of lost track and I just followed her through her Facebook posts and wished her a happy birthday every April 10.  I loved it whenever she posted a picture from back in the day so I’ll do that here as well as post an air check from her time in KFRC in 1976.

You will be missed, Shana.

Shana Aircheck KFRC (San Francisco) September 22, 1976


Shana KHJ

Shana KFRC

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