Sexy time in LA

I’m not sure why National Margarita Day starts on Ash Wednesday but as soon as Lent begins, so do the temptations that are thrown in harms way.  Hopefully practicing Catholics  in Los Angeles are not giving up alcohol so they can enjoy the sexy times this weekend.  Good thing I’m not Catholic.

Tonight at Mondrian all the sexy people will meet up at Skybar to groove to the atmospheric sounds of Nosaj Thing.  RSVP to the Mondrian Sessions here.

Saturday the sexy comes to you from Brazil as the 12th Brazalian Carnaval “Exotica” comes to Club Nokia.  Here’s the first paragraph from the press release:

“The magic formula of true Latin party spirit, sensuality and flavors seduces Los Angelenos when the 12th annual L.A. tradition of Brazilian Carnaval: Exotica beckons revelers…Carnaval, the euphoric, annual celebration before Lent, is the most famous and anticipated holiday in Brazil to let loose and dance the night away.”

I’m not sure why they’re throwing the party during Lent but who am I to argue with good food, music and sexy fun?  Click on the photo for more information.

Sunday is Oscar night.  Nothing sexier than George Clooney in a tux. However you probably don’t have tickets for the ceremony.  So settle with  Richard Dreyfus in a tux at The Night of 100 Stars (100 stars not guaranteed).  Go to the Beverly Hills Hotel and pay big money to watch television with super sexy stars like Florence Henderson, Lee Majors and Hal Linden.  It’s all at the low, low price of $1000.

After your super sexy weekend you can celebrate next Tuesday and release the real you as you gorge on free pancakes at IHOP.   Have a sexy weekend!

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