The alternative Donny and Marie

I guess we don’t need an alternative Donny and Marie as they are still going strong with a two week performance at the Panatages just completed but for those looking for a more randy version of siblings look no further than Rufus and Matha Wainwright.

Rufus and Martha Wainwright

At their annual Christmas 101 show at Royce Hall this weekend, the Wainwright family (which is large enough to give the Osmonds a run for their money) presented a showcase for most of their family members all raging in age from 1-70+. ┬áRufus and Martha MC’d the event and their banter helped make the occasion both festive and respectful (proceeds go the The McGarrigle Fund) as well as filled with enough innuendos and off-color remarks to make their Aunt Jane Wainwright blush.

The highlights included a performance of “River”.

Sloan Wainwright “River”

Martha performing one of her mother’s final songs she wrote “Proserpina”

Rufus brought down the house though with a version of “O Holy Night”

A wonderful event that felt like you were a fly on the wall in the Wainwright family room during Christmas.

Let’s hope they continue this great holiday tradition.


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