Rock’s Greatest Leaps

Some are planned.  Some are spontaneous.  Some signify to the band when to end the song.  A well timed leap can always add excitement and surprise to shows.  In honor of leap day, I give you a few photos and videos of some memorable rock star leaps.

Pete Townshend of The Who

Pete Townshend of The Who leaps


The Beatles leap

The Beatles take off

David Lee Roth leaps

David Lee Roth jumps

Bruce Springsteen leaps

Bruce Springsteen in a trademark leap to end a song

Eddie Vedder leaps

Eddie Vedder falling rather than leaping into the audience

And what’s a leap day like without a game of leap frog? Ask One Direction.

Kurt Cobain jumps into drumset

Kurt Cobain leaps into the drumset

Let’s end this with a montage of some of Kurt Cobain’s best/worst leaps

Happy Leap Day!

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