Rock Stars doing the weather forecast

Now that February is over, hopefully there will be a reprieve of the amount of insane weather the east coast has faced so far this winter.  In any case, I just heard a clip of Ed Sheeran doing the weather and it occurred to me that he has not been the first rock star to attempt to forecast the weather,  Here is the demos of rock stars doing the weather.  May they keep their day jobs.

Ed Sheeran talks about pink cheeks and slippers

Adam Lambert (nice job on the pronunciations!)

Katy Perry (not as good at pronunciations as Adam)

Tenacious D struggle with their clicker

Andrew W.K. tries to explain what he sees in Tulsa

Jeff Tweedy does the weather

George Clinton points at cities

Ministry’s Al Jourgensen says doing the weather is easy but demonstrates it is not necessarily the case when asked to perform

and of course it’s not so easy when weatherman tries to be the rockstar

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