Rock Hall Gems from the Class of 2016

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony April 8. 2016


Five bands will officially enter the Rock Hall on April 8.  At the ceremony they’ll play their classics that everyone knows and loves.  I present to you, five lesser known songs from these inductees that prove there is more to these artists than just the hits.

Cheap Trick

I’m not sure why “Tonight It’s You” only made it to #44 in 1985 but it should have been as big as “The Flame”.  It’s got a huge hook and I think it’s Robin Zander’s best vocal performance.


Most people probably think of Peter Cetera as the central leader in the band but Terry Kath is the one who guided their early musical direction.  He died at the age of 31 from an accidental self-inflicted gun shot wound.  The band almost called it a day at his passing in 1978. Besides being a phenomenal guitarist, his gruff vocals added an edge to the soft jazz sounds that band produced.  The last album he played on was Chicago XI and this song “Little One” was released posthumously as a single reaching number 44.


Deep Purple

They may have taken the main riff from Stone The Crows “Big Jim Salter” but there’s no denying that Deep Purple made the song “Might Just Take Your Life” all their own.  Harmonies, driving drums and dynamic guitar work are all hallmarks of the band.  MVP on this song goes to keyboardist John Lord. He really brings it home on this song that actually had a cup of coffee in the Billboard charts at #91 in 1974.



From their second and final album “EFIL4ZAGGIN”, Ice Cube had already left the band but everyone else remains. This song is just as lethal as anything on their first.

Steve Miller

“Going To The Country” is just a good time countrified song that is a prelude of sorts to the type of memorable sing alongs that were to come from Steve Miller in the 1970s.  This song made it to number 69 in the summer of 1970.

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