Rock Hall Class of 2013

Rush Rock Hall of 2013 Let's Not Get Carried AwayDonna Summer, Public Enemy and Rush are among the artists inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  “Who are those other two said fans of any one of those?” so jokes Seth Meyer on last week’s Saturday Night Live Weekend Update and he’s kind of right.

Much like the music scene today, the rock hall is getting divisive.  There is no longer artists like the unanimously loved Elvis, Beatles and Stones but styles of music are getting introduced to the Rock Hall and many are wondering what exactly is Rock and Roll and why is this (pick any music genre artist) artist in the Rock Hall while (pick a simliar music genre artist) not in there?

Let’s try it using my previous Innovators/Imitators post.  If Rush got in, why not Deep Purple?  If Public Enemy got in why not N.W.A?  Since it’s art you can’t look at statistics like record or concert sales but I think influence should be a deciding factor.  There was no one before Kraftwerk and yet they will be shut out of next year’s festivities.

Public Enemy Class of 2013 Let's Not Get Carried AwayI like the discussion but I think the Rock Hall is starting to open it up too much.  While Rush surely deserves the honor. I’m not so sure about Heart.  It may be because they were the only women in a previously all male rock club, so then why not invite Joan Jett?  Heart made songs that were comparable to Foreigner and Boston but I doubt either one of those bands will get elected into the Rock Hall.

Donna Summer Class of 2013 Let's Not Get Carried AwayA good way to get in is to make a good documentary.  I credit the brilliant movie “Beyond the Lighted Stage” for giving Rush the recognition they deserved, humanizing them and opening up many people’s eyes and ears as to who these guys are.

Here’s Jack Black from the movie talking about the band:

Congratulations to the 2013 Rock Hall class and let’s hope they can get Kraftwerk, Linda Ronstadt, The Smiths, The Cure and Willie Nelson in next year.

2013 Class:













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