Rock Hall 2016 Inductees: Snap Judgement

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Congrats to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for not taking their name literally and inducting innovators like Joan Baez and 2Pac.

Congrats to Pearl Jam.  Excluding Radiohead, whom I don’t think is a traditional rock band, this may be the last guitar-based band from the 90s invited to the Hall.  You think Weezer might get in…okay perhaps the Foo Fighters will be next in 2020.

In 2001, ELO put out a weak album, Zoom and thereby had to cancel a tour due to lack of interest.  Congrats to Jeff Lynne’s ELO for  putting out a good record, Alone in the Universe, a memorable 2016 tour and reminding everyone of their relevance.

Nile Rodgers should take note of ELO.  His band, Chic has been nominated an insane 11 times and has yet to gain entrance.  Congrats to the production work of Nile which allows him into the Hall without his band mates.  A new Chic album “It’s About Time” will be released next year.  Let’s hope it’s a good record.

Congrats to the odd time signature.  Yes created songs that had an odd beat that you couldn’t dance to and it got them into the Rock Hall.

Congrats to the popular vote.  It may not work in national elections but it works in the Rock Hall as it allows Journey induction status and will probably create the most talked about moment when Steve Perry sings with the band for the first time since 1998.

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