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Record Store Day April 2015

Dylan, Citizen Dick, Greg Allman Tomorrow. The Zombies Record Store Day 2015

One of the reasons people buy pieces of art is to tell the story behind them.   And since  I consider my records artwork, here are the stories to tell regarding my five purchases from Record Store Day 2015.

1) Bob Dylan “The Basement Tape”:  Since there are so many different configurations of The Basement Tapes I was not sure what I would be getting.  This is the original bootleg that made it out of Big Pink and started circulating among Dylan aficionados.  It eventually found its way into Rolling Stone editor, Jann Wenner’s hands and in the June 22, 1968 issue reviewed the record declaring it a “classic”.  The review is included in the mono reproduction and the album has a hand stamped signature from Band member Garth Hudson.  I have album number 995 out of 2000.

2) The Zombies “R.I.P”: An infamous lost album, that eventually found it’s way to finally getting released.  Good news: In 1969, the Zombies had their biggest hit with “Time of the Season,” Bad news: The group had been broken up for over a year. Inspired by their new success,  Zombie members Rod Argent and Chris White cut a few new songs and attached a few studio outtakes to create R.I.P.  Unfortunately the songs didn’t follow up on the success of “Time Of The Season” and the album was scrapped. In 2014, record label Varese Sarabande assembled the songs into their proposed sequence and gave R.I.P. an official release.  The version for Record Store Day is the first official vinyl release.

3) Tomorrow– This was a fun discovery.  It’s the band that acid rock forgot.   Think Pink Floyd meets The Rolling Stones “Satanic Majesties Request” Formerly known as the In Crowd, Tomorrow were one of the UK’s foremost exponents of psychedelia featuring vocalist Keith West of the hit “Excerpt From A Teenage Opera” fame, Steve Howe (later of Yes) and Twink (later of The Pretty Things and the Pink Fairies). Originally released in February 1968.   The splash psychedelic vinyl fits in perfectly with the music.

4) Gregg Allman– A picture disc where Greg plays with some friends instead of his Brothers.  This is Gregg’s solo to Macon, Georgia.  The disc includes two never-before-heard live recordings as well as a B-side with Allman classics “Melissa” (live), where Gregg is joined by Jackson Browne, as well as “Midnight Rider,” (live) which features Gregg, Vince Gill, and Zac Brown.

5) Citizen Dick “Touch Me I’m Dick” – Fun Fact: For Cameron Crowe’s movie “Singles”, he included his friends to play back up band members to Matt Dillon’s fictional band.  The back up band then known as Mookie Blaylock later changed their name to Pearl Jam. The A-Side is the single and the B-Side an etching of the quote Matt Dillon give as his character Cliff Poncier.

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