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You may remember the band Luscious Jackson.

They were the first band signed to the Beastie Boys old label “Grand Royal” and had an alternative radio hit with the song, “Naked Eye“.  They broke up in 1999 but are now back and ready to make a full length album.  Back when they first recorded there was virtually no means necessary to finance an album without a label deal but now thanks to a few websites the ability to pay for the tools necessary to create an album are available and now bands can become true independent artists.   Luscious Jackson has used site called Pledge Music.  People can donate to their project and get items from the band based on how much they pledge.

$10 gets you a download of the new album.    
$25 get you a signed CD
$100 gets you a voice mail message
$700 gets you a downtown NYC tour with Jill and Gabby
$10,000 gets you a house concert (PA equipment and travel not included)

Because of their loyal following, the band was able to meet their pledge amount in four days but they’re still taking pledges 

There are also DVDs that can get financed like this promising one about The Libertines.

What is difficult is if you don’t have an audience that fondly remembers you or you’re still trying to grow that audience.

Here are a few artists that I found interesting that could use your help.

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