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Pitchfork People's Top 200The people who love the music website Pitchfork have spoken and what they love is the band Radiohead.  Pitchfork is celebrating its 15th Anniversary and they asked their readers to list their favorite albums from 1996-2011.  Radiohead had 4 albums in the top 20.  Judging from the list, the top 5 artists based solely on albums are:

1) Radiohead

2) Arcade Fire

3) Kanye West

4) Animal Collective

5) Modest Mouse

Apparently the people don’t like rap as Jay-Z, arguably the biggest artist of the past 15 years could only muster 3 albums in the top 200 with The Blueprint ranking highest at #66.  Outkast managed to get 4 albums in there with Stankonia peaking at #35.  Eminem got one album on the list at #121 and Ludacris failed to get a mention.

If you were popular, forget it as the people feel that Adele’s “21” just doesn’t cut it nor does Alanis Morissette’s “Jagged Little Pill”.

In any event here are the top 10 albums.  Listen, relive the memory and enjoy.

6) Radiohead In Rainbows “Unavailable” so enjoy The Vitamin String Quartet’s version of the album.      

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