Paul Shaffer

Paul Shaffer

Part of the success of David Letterman belongs to his music director, Paul Shaffer.  Every comedic duo needs a straight man and Paul is that rare cat (as Paul may refer himself) that besides being an amazing musician, is also a great student of comedy.  He could parody Ed McMahon’s laugh or mimic Jack Benny’s reaction and it just added to the fun of the show.

Fun Fact: Paul Shaffer co-wrote The Weather Girls “It’s Raining Men”

One more fun fact: Paul Shaffer plays the keyboard solo (a salute to Del Shannon’s “Runaway”) in Scandal’s “Goodbye To You” The solo starts at 1:55

Here is a salute to the comedic duo of Letterman and Shaffer

Pedestrian Theme Songs

Paul asks Julia Roberts a question:

Dave and Paul visit London

Paul and his memory of Cher

The actual story of Paul Shaffer “Behind The Music” with surprising assistance from Eddie Vedder and Lou Reed.

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