Streaming Prince

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The floodgates have opened and Prince music is now available on ALL streaming services.

Bruno Mars did a fine job doing his version of Let’s Go Crazy.  The Time were fun recreating their moves from Purple Rain on last night’s Grammys.   However, it just made me miss Prince all that much more knowing that no one can or will reach the heights of his talent.

Prince performances have been trickling onto the internet and this blues/guitar fuzzed out version of “Let’s Go Crazy” just proves there will never be another one like him.


Now go on your favorite streaming service and reacquaint yourself with his music. I know I will.

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The Bee Gees are Stayin’ Alive

I’m not sure yet if I love the title of the post or will soon regret it.  Thanks to Capitol Records though The Bee Gees name and catalogue of music will live on.

It all starts today with the re-release of The Ultimate Bee Gees.

February 14 will be a concert taping saluting the 40th Anniversary of Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack. Performers are ANDRA DAY, CELINE DION, DNCE, NICK JONAS, TORI KELLY, JOHN LEGEND, LITTLE BIG TOWN, DEMI LOVATO, PENTATONIX, KEITH URBAN AND BEE GEES FOUNDING MEMBER BARRY GIBB.

Not too shabby.

The disco songs from the SNF Soundtrack are of course iconic but for my money, the songwriting, harmonies, arrangement and production of “How Deep Is Your Love are pretty much as good as it gets.


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Get Out

Grammy Awards are this Sunday which means former Grammy nominees and winners are in town and they want to play. Here are a few choices for you.

Adam Ant, Best New Artist Nominee 1982 is at the Fonda


Sting, 16 (Police and Solo) Grammy Awards performing at the Hollywood Palladium

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Beck 5 time Grammy winner is playing at The Hollywood Palladium on Friday

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Image result for olivia newton john grammy

Olivia Newton John 4 time award winning performing at The Saban Theatre with 2 time Grammy Nominee Beth Nielsen Chapman



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Musicares 2017

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The Music industry has its own event like the Golden Globes. The high-powered guests can get drunk and say what they want and they feel a little more free to let loose because it’s not televised.

The event is called MusiCares.  The organization ensures music people have a place to turn in times of financial, medical, and personal need.

A great cause deserves a great lineup and this year the MusiCares foundation will salute Tom Petty.

The lineup is pretty strong.   I suspect Dhani, filling in for George and Jakob, filling in for Bob may indicate a Travelling Wilburys reunion might just be in the works.

Here’s the lineup.

Jakob Dylan, Dhani Harrison, The Head and The Heart, The Lumineers, Taj Mahal, The Shelters, Kristen Wiig  Foo Fighters, Don Henley, Norah Jones, Randy Newman, Stevie Nicks, Lucinda Williams, Gary Clark Jr., Jeff Lynne, George Strait, Jackson Browne, Chris Hillman, Herb Pedersen, Elle King, Regina Spektor and The Bangles.

 Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers will close out the evening’s performances and multi-Grammy-winning artist and producer T Bone Burnett will serve as Musical Director.

 Good news. Tickets are available.


Yes, if you’re Tom Petty this week. it is indeed good to be King.


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2 For 2uesday

Looking at the list of Grammy nominees, there are always a number of songs and/or artists I’ve never heard.  So if I’ve never heard it I can assume that others have never heard it either.

Here are two previously unheard of nominated songs that caught my attention.

BJ The Chicago Kid

BJ The Chicago Kid

Best Traditional R&B Performance

Woman’s World
BJ The Chicago Kid

This initially caught my attention when I saw it was on Motown as I had no idea they were still around.

This is a (possible) rebuttal to James Brown’s “It’s Man’s World. BJ is (as advertised) from Chicago. He’s best known for frequently collaborating with Top Dawg Entertainment recording artists Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay Rock.  This is off of BJ’s debut album “In My Mind“.

His voice is sweet and soulful and reminiscent of Sam Cooke.


La Santa Cecilia

La Santa Cecilia

Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album

La Santa Cecilia – Album Buenaventura

A band from Los Angeles, California so they already got my attention. I’ve heard a few songs and they remind me of what Gwen Stefani might sound like if she fronted Los Lobos and spoke Spanish.  I’m now a fan.

Fun Fact: The name La Santa Cecilia is based upon the patron saint of musicians, Saint Cecilia


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Grammy Special Merit Awards 2017

A Grammy Salute to Music Legends: All-Star Artists Pay Tribute to Their Musical Heroes

It’s Grammy Awards and this week they honor their past before they award the present.

During the telecast the Grammy’s will mention their names but won’t have time to say why they’re being honored, which is a shame.  To the Grammy’s credit they have published a book this past month that collects two decades of artist-written tributes to The Academy’s annual Special Merit Awards honorees.

I don’t have the space to honor everyone properly but here is a Wikipedia bio morsel of information to at least let you know why you are hearing their names.

The Lifetime Achievement Award honorees are

Shirley Caesar A multi-award winning artist, with eleven Grammy Awards and seven Dove Awards to her credit, she is known as the “First Lady of Gospel Music.

Ahmad Jamal: Jazz pianist, composer, bandleader, and educator. He has been one of the most successful small-group leaders in jazz

Charley Pride: Country music singer. In the 70’s, he became the best-selling performer for RCA Records since Elvis Presley. During the peak years of his recording career (1966–87), he garnered 52 top-10 hits on the  charts, 29 of which made it to number one.

Pride is one of the few African Americans to have had considerable success in the country music industry and one of only three (along with DeFord Bailey and Darius Rucker) to have been inducted as a member of the Grand Ole Opry

Jimmie Rodgers: Country singer in the early 20th century, known most widely for his rhythmic yodeling. Among the first country music superstars and pioneers, Rodgers was also known as “The Singing Brakeman”, “The Blue Yodeler”, and “The Father of Country Music”

Nina Simone: An American singer, songwriter, pianist, arranger, and civil rights activist who worked in a broad range of musical styles including classical, jazz, blues, folk, R&B, gospel, and pop. Simone recorded more than forty albums, mostly between 1958 and 1974.

Sly Stone: Most famous for his role as frontman for Sly and the Family Stone, a band which played a critical role in the development of soul, funk, rock, and psychedelia in the 1960s and 1970s.  He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the group.

Velvet Underground: A rock band consisting of by singer/guitarist Lou Reed, multi-instrumentalist John Cale, guitarist Sterling Morrison and Maureen Tucker.  The band is now recognized as one of the most influential bands of all time for its integration of rock music with the avant-garde

Trustees Award honorees are:

Thom Bell: A Jamaican-born American songwriter, arranger and producer, best known as one of the creators of the Philadelphia style of soul music in the 1970s.


Mo Ostin:  Record executive who has worked for several companies.  He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003. He is known among his colleagues as the most artist-friendly executive in the music business.

Ralph S. Peer: Talent scout, recording engineer and record producer in the field of music in the 1920s and 1930s. Peer pioneered field recording of music when in June 1923 he took remote recording equipment south to Atlanta, Georgia to record regional music outside the recording studio in such places as hotel rooms, ballrooms, or empty warehouses

Technical GRAMMY Award recipient:

Alan Dower Blumlein:  Electronics engineer, notable for his many inventions in telecommunications, sound recording, stereophonic sound, television and radar. He received 128 patents and was considered as one of the most significant engineers and inventors of his time.

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New Music Friday: The Bats

The Bats 1987

The Bats 1987

Thirty years after their classic indie pop album, Daddy’s Highway, New Zealand’s The Bats return with another slice of indie pop bliss.  Much like AC/DC strikes the same power metal chords and make it rock, The Bats churn out the same power pop chords and it still sounds fresh, while being uniquely them.

Want proof?  Here’s “Treason”. The first cut from 1987’s Daddy’s Highway


Now here’s “Antlers” from their new album, The Deep Set.

The Bats 2017

The Bats 2017

The Bats "The Deep Set"

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Get Out for Super Bowl 51

The big game is on Sunday so gather with like minded nerds and head over to Cinefamily for the annual potluck party with Doug Benson.  It’s free but don’t forget to RSVP!

Learn about Doug through the sophisticated interview stylings of Paul F. Tompkins

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Hold the football

Many halftime performers are given a football and they have to (awkwardly) pose with it and try to make it look like they know what this foreign object is. Here are the results.

1992: Gloria Estefan awkward two handed hold on a football

Gloria Estefan holding a football

1993: Michael Jackson seems to be questioning why this thing is in his hand

Michael Jackson holding a football

Phil Collins played the Super Bowl in 2000 but this is a photo of him and his son, Simon with Walter Payton from 1986. By his look, Phil Collins really wants Walter Payton’s headband.Phil Collins and son with Walter Payton

2001: Aerosmith making a wish by rubbing the football

Aerosmith holding a football

2003: Shania Twain knows how to properly secure a football

Shania Twain holding a football

2004: Kid Rock looks like he regrets everything in this photo

Kid Rock holding a football

2009: Bruce Springsteen whispering sweet nothings to his football

Bruce Springsteen holding a football

2013 Beyoncé just being Beyoncé

Beyoncé holding a football

2014 Bruno Mars about to deliver a sermon about the evils of football

Bruno Mars holding a football

2015: There are too many things wrong with this Katy Perry football photo

Katy Perry holding a football

2017: Lady Gaga struggles with the weight of the football

Lady Gaga holding a football

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2 For 2uesday: Football edition

Since it’s football week, I’ll post bits of football terms from bands I would never, ever post.

If nothing else, at least you now can spout off some knowledge at the big game.

Nickelback is a cornerback or safety who serves as the fifth (in addition to the typical four) defensive back on the defense. A base defense contains four defensive backs, consisting of two cornerbacks, and two safeties. Adding an extra back makes five, hence the term “nickel”, which is the name for 5-cent coins in the United States and Canada.

Image result for nickelback football

Smashmouth offense is an offensive system that relies on a strong running game, where most of the plays run by the offense are handoffs to the fullback or tailback. It is a more traditional style of offense that often results in a higher time of possession by running the ball heavily. So-called “smash-mouth football” is often run out of the I-formation or wishbone, with tight ends and receivers used as blockers. Though the offense is run-oriented, pass opportunities can develop as defenses play close to the line. Play-action can be very effective for a run-oriented team.

Image result for nickelback football

Since I can’t knowingly post music from these bands, here are two songs from newly reunited Illinois-based (Go Bears!) band  American Football.

From their 1999 debut album

From their self-titled 2016 reunion album

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