The Count Episode 82

Twenty One Pilots 2018

This week as we count down the top ten Alt Rock songs in the country. We’ll play you the latest from Twenty One Pilots and indie duo Matt & Kim. We’ll introduce you to Mona and Holychild and in honor of France taking home the World Cup we’ll Flashback with Phoenix.

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The Count Episode 81

The show that airs weekly on DASH Radio on Dash Alt X.
This week as we count down the top ten Alt Rock songs in the nation. We’ll give you new music from Portugal the Man, Lord Huron and Mondo Cozmo. We’ll introduce you to The Wallows and we’ll flashback to 1995 for a song by Live.

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What Difference Does It Make

Hey Strangers!

As Staind once said, It’s been awhile.

Yes, like everyone else in the world, I now have a podcast.  It’s called What Difference Does It Make. And along with my partner in crime, Holly Cantos, we will talk about everything 80s and beyond.  It should be fun…until it’s not. I will post the podcasts on this site as Google tells me that it would be good for my analytics…whatever that is.

More FYI’s, if you listen through Anchor on your phone, you will hear the music on either Spotify or Apple Music interspersed into the podcast.  Otherwise, it’s just us blabbering.

I have a Spotify Playlist that you can follow. Subscribe and also follow us on the usual suspects, Instagram and Twitter

Also, we know the sound is poor especially in the first episode.  It’s a work in progress.  We can laugh about it after we figure this out.

So without further ado, I give you the first 4 eps of What Difference Does It Make.  In 3D!  Just kidding, but wouldn’t that be cool?



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Greatest Hits/Hiatus

Jim James

Let’s Not Get Carried Away cover boy Jim James of My Morning Jacket

May 2 is the 6th anniversary of Let’s Not Get Carried Away.  This is the 1,520th post.  I’m pretty sure I posted consistently Monday through Friday but it’s been over two months since I last posted.  Like all bands, there comes a time when you need to go on hiatus.  It might be temporary, it might be permanent.  Until these services also go on hiatus you can always find me on Twitter or Instagram…  When bands go on hiatus the record label is always quick to release a greatest hits album.  Here are ten of my favorite posts.

Side 1

  1. OBL-My first official post
  2. 2 For 2uesday-The power of the Cheap Trick social media army led to February 16, 2016 being my most viewed day
  3. New Music Tuesday-The most searched name on my website was Bob Ezrin….not sure why Google thought this was a good place but this is where they landed.
  4.  Rock Star Tattoos: My most viewed post
  5. History Of The Eagles: People still are fascinated with why they originally broke up

Side 2

6. RUSH Fans: I tweeted out how amazing Rush fans are.  The RUSH twitter account retweeted my tweet and RUSH fans prove how devoted they are in anything mentioning their beloved power trio.

7. Happy Birthday Paul McCartney: 70 fun facts about Sir Paul

8. Keith Richards is 70: I learned my lesson to keep it brief so Keith Richards gets only 10 fun facts.

9. Joel Oberstein:  I wrote many homages to artists and music executives that passed away. This one was the most painful to write.

10. Listen Up, Youngsters!: I couldn’t let a greatest hits package not included Bruce Springsteen.  In 2012, he was the SXSW keynote speaker and of course did not disappoint.

This is definitely not the end, so Let’s Not Get Carried Away.  Here’s comes the encore.

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New Music Friday: Thundercat

Thundercat "Drunk"

Based on two songs I’m all in for the new album by Thundercat.  The album is called Drunk.

These two songs are the soon to be Yacht Rock Classic “Show You The Way” featuring Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins.


The other song is the soon to be Anti-Valentine song “Friend Zone”.  Favorite lyrics: “I’m your biggest fan/But I guess that’s not just good enough/You stuck me in the friend zone” “Don’t call me/Don’t text me/After 2 a.m/I have enough friends.”



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Localchella is coming

Goldenvoice presents April ticketsIt’s being called Goldenvoice presents April but it’s always been known as Localchella.  Bands that are locked in for two weekends at Coachella venture out and play local venues.  It’s a great way to actually see bands in an actual club with an appreciative audience.  Go figure.

Tickets start to go on sales this weekend so pick and choose and get out!  I know I will.

Click on the poster to find all the shows.  Here are my top 5.

Future Islands at The Roxy on April 13

Two Door Cinema Club & Grouplove at The Santa Barbara Bowl Friday, April 14.

Car Seat Headrest at The Regent on Monday April 17

New Order at The Santa Barbara Bowl on Tuesday, April 18

The Avalanches at The Fonda on Wednesday, April 19


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Top 5 Comics

Related image

CNN is currently airing The History of Comedians and Rolling Stone just posted the Top 50 Best Stand-Up Comics Of All Time.

Spoiler Alert.  Here are the top 5 (nod to Chris Rock and his Top 5)

  1. Richard Pryor
  2. George Carlin
  3. Lenny Bruce
  4. Louis C.K.
  5. Chris Rock

It’s all subjective, but Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin should be 4 and 5 imho.

Since this is a music blog, here are 5 of my favorite stand up routines centered around music.

I know he’s not popular at all anymore and this may be tough to here knowing his past history but there’s no denying how influential Bill Cosby records were to generations of comics.  Rightonrightonrighton


There is nothing better than Eddie Murphy explaining James Brown.


Patton Oswalt loves 80s metal videos

Aziz Ansari hangs out with Kanye West

George Carlin doesn’t enjoy music radio programming.  I think he’d be a fan of podcasts and streaming music.

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2 For 2uesday: Oscar edition

Trisha Yearwood, Elliott Smith and Celine Dion at the 70th Oscars March 23, 1998

Trisha Yearwood, Elliott Smith and Celine Dion at the 70th Oscars March 23, 1998

I love awkward performances and these two performances on the Oscar show have stayed with me because they were so out of the ordinary.

This first one is endearingly awkward as Elliott Smith comes out of the indie underground to play to a mainstream audience. The song is Miss Misery and it comes from the 1997 film Good Will Hunting.

From Wikipedia:
Accompanied by the house orchestra, Smith had to be convinced by the producers to perform the song at the ceremony, as he had not intended to do so. They informed him that his song would be played live that night, whether by him or another musician of their choosing. They also purportedly rejected his style of performing while sitting in a chair. Smith says, “I walked out and Jack Nicholson was sitting about six feet away, so I avoided that area and I looked up at the balcony in the back and sang the song.” Beforehand, he said that “Mainly I just want to go so I can wear my white suit. I always have a great time when I wear my white suit.”

Elliott ended up losing (as did practically everyone) to the movie, “Titanic” and the theme “My Heart Will Go On”.


The song “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen won the Oscar for Best Original Song but everyone remembers John Travolta introducing the singer as “the wickedly talented Adele Dazeem”. Idina Menzel has had to explain the story ever since.  Fun Fact: Co-songwriter of “Let It Go” Robert Lopez became the 12th person, and by far the quickest (10 years), to win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony in their career.

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Kurt Cobain would have been 50 today

Image result for young kurt cobain

I’m sure there will be many thought pieces on what should have been Kurt’s 50th Birthday.  We can all speculate on what might have been.  Nirvana might have recorded a 3rd album before breaking up.  Kurt would probably be divorced. Kurt would probably have gotten into a Twitter war with Kanye.

Here’s what we do know as much as I can surmise.

Courtney Love, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic are doing a pretty good job of keeping Kurt relevant to a new generation.  I think 2Pac and Biggie probably mean more to the Millennials but there will always be kids that will be attracted to the type of music and lyrics of Kurt’s.


Incesticide, Nirvana’s B-Side album was just re-released on vinyl to celebrate its 25th anniversary

Judging from her Twitter feed, Kurt’s daughter Frances Bean seems like an intelligent thoughtful person.  I would imagine Kurt would be extremely proud.

Kurt’s influence lives on.  I listen to K. Flay’s “Blood In The Cut” (a current top 5 song on the Alternative charts) and I can’t help thinking this could have been a Nirvana song.

As a fan, I miss him.  If you’re in pain seek help.

Here’s one of my favorite performances from Nirvana. It comes from their show at the Reading Festival in 1992


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New Music Friday: Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams Prisoner

Let’s call this new album from Ryan Adams the Post-Valentine’s Day record.

What can you say about Ryan Adams? He is pretty consistent with his album output. Prisoner is his 16th in 18 years as a solo artist.  Prisoner is his breakup album.  His 6 year marriage to Mandy Moore officially ended last year so one can guess he has a lot to get off his chest.

As he says in the bio to this album.

“What’s more heartbreaking than any single event in life is the realization that every human being is trapped in a quest for love, trying to navigate a maze of desire. That’s what this record is about. Nobody falls in love to fail.”

A perfect example of him questioning himself is his relationship is in the first single “Do You Still Love Me”

What can I say?
I didn’t want it to change
Is my heart blind
And our love so strange?

Musically if you love late 70s/early 80s Tom Petty, you’re going to love this album.

I love this album and I promise never to break up with it!


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