One Year Anniversary

Yes, it’s hard to believe but I’ve been doing this 5 days a week for the past 52 weeks.  That’s 260 posts people!    Who do you think I’ve mentioned the most in my posts?  Anyone that knows anything about me won’t be surprised that Bruce Springsteen was featured 11 times in my posts beating Adele’s 9 posts.   The Beatles were featured 7 times and Paul was featured the most at 6, George and John at 5 and Ringo languishing at 2 mentions (I’ll have to rectify that for next year, here’s some Ringo news for you.).

Let's Not Get Carried Away Tenacious DAfter seeing his show and listening to his album, I will predict that Jack White will finish in first next year, but you never know, it’ll actually probably be Tenacious D.

I’ve tried to stay true to my vision of this blog  and I want to thank the Family Man aka Greg Keer for pushing me to do this as well as Earbender aka John Rosenfelder who told me to start a blog in 2009 and I scoffed at him.

If you do like this blog, please do me a favor and like the postings on Facebook, retweet on Twitter, +1 on Google +, subscribe to the posts and leave comments.  Any comments, questions, concerns, things you’d like to see or never want to see again.  Anything that you can contribute to this will be welcome.

But hey, enough of my yakkin’; whaddaya say? Let’s boogie! 




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