New Music Tuesday

I use the term “new music” loosely this week as a couple of artists are re-releasing music that you probably already own.

When I say own, I mean you have the vinyl or you used to because you upgraded to the  CD 21 years ago in 1990 but you’ve moved a few times and you can’t find it.  Well no worries because now you can own the Deluxe 30th Anniversary edition of this:

Beauty & The Beat: 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Yes, The Go-Go’s are back.  Well not really back, but back in your mind when you danced like this.

If you liked your rock with a little more crunch, no worries.  Queen are re-releasing their first 5 records.  It’s pretty much the same story. You bought their music in the 70s.  Bought the CDs 20 years ago and now you can buy them again for twice as much as you originally paid.  The next five of their remastered records come out June 27

Sheer Heart Attack

Queen 2

Queen (40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)

The reason these CDs keep coming out is simple.  You love them,  they’re familiar and the record companies offer a few extras to entice you to pay for them again.  It’s also done successfully with DVDs.

If you’re looking for something new that may remind you of your carefree days listening to the Go-Go’s I would like to suggest The Elected “Bury Me In My Rings”.  You may know the band Rilo Kiley, fronted by the Belinda Carlisle-ish and fabulous Jenny Lewis.  Blake Sennett co-founded the band with Jenny and The Elected is his own project.

Okay so I may just be using The Elected to post a picture of Jenny Lewis but The Elected is worth checking out.

Here’s the light and breezy Babyface.

For those of you that like the epic sounds of Queen, may I suggest Rome by Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi.  Most likely you know Danger Mouse as one half of Gnarls Barkley who along with Cee-Lo produced the song  “Crazy”. Daniele Luppi is an Italian composer and together they created an homage to the Spaghetti Western.

Vocals are done by Jack White (of The White Stripes, Dead Weather & Raconteurs) and Norah Jones (of all those songs you love).

Two Against One w/Jack White

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