New Music Tuesday

It’s a good day for the blues as the royal couple of the blues Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks aka Tedeschi Trucks band release their latest album, Made Up My Mind.  Expect to hear more wailing from the vocals of Tedeschi and the guitar from Trucks like from this song “Part Of Me”.

“Part Of Me” sounds vaguely like a John Mayer song and funnily enough Mr. Mayer also has a new album out called “Paradise Valley”.  Here’s a nice summertime celebration song called “Wildfire”. As always there’s some tasty guitar licks in here.

It’s not exactly the blues but Indie rock gods Superchunk have the blues over music…well sort of.  Lead Singer-Songwriter Mac McCaughan is just lamenting that “he hates music” and the fact that he “can’t bring anyone back to this earth” but this is what they do for a living so “let’s hop in the van and go” Sounds like the blues to me.

Tedeschi Trucks Band: "Made Up Mind" John Mayer "Paradise Valley"

Superchunk "I Hate Music"

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