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Laura Marling Laura Marling has released a gem.  She’s only been making records since 2008 and each one has been more impressive than the next but her fourth album “Once I Was An Eagle” has her sounding self-assured, angry and yet, still vulnerable.  Laura mentions in a Spin Magazine interview that

I’d been traveling a lot and listening to a lot of records made in 1969. I can certainly hear that aspect of it on the album. It sounds like I’m not at home and I wish I lived in 1969. I was collecting records made in that year. I had quite a selection but there was a Captain Beefheart record that I loved and Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood and David Axelrod. It was a wide variety of quite strange, liberating records.  

It’s no wonder as this album could be compared favorably to the amazing work of Joni Mitchell in the 70’s.  Part of the credit should be made to producer Ethan Johns who adds minimal touches to the songs but brings out the emotions of the songs with a little keyboard work or drums but only when it’s needed.  

The highlight of the album is the 5 song mini-suite to start the album.  Laura put a short film together with choreographed dancers.  Whenever you have 18 minutes, give this a viewing.

And since this will almost certainly be in my top 10 albums this year, I’ll include a couple others songs to enjoy.

Laura Marling "Once I Was An Eagle"

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