New Music Tuesday

Three great CDs from some amazing ladies come out today.

Natalie Maines is releasing her first album without the Dixie Chicks backing her up but as she’s shown with the Chicks shows up on her solo album and that’s her ability to find songs that cater to her vocal strengths and interpret them to make them her own unique creation.  This album is filled with surprises and those that are hoping for a traditional country album make be disappointed as the electric guitar shows up more often than the slide guitar but this is the sound of a Chick  ready to spread her wings.

One of those songwriters that Natalie is so found of is Patty Griffin and she unleashes her 7th album and first solo record since 2007 Children Came Running.  That album earned her Americana’s Album and Artist of the Year honors.  She’s been keeping busy with the Band Of Joy with her boyfriend/possibly husband Robert Plant (no one is confirming their status).  Patty continues her quest of redefining the Americana format with her first single the nostalgic, “Ohio”  (co-song with Robert Plant).  The video is made entirely from cut paper and is a perfect match for the song.

Last by certainly not least is the trio of Miranda Lambert (Lone Star Annie), Ashley Monroe (Hippie Annie) and Angaleena Presley (Holler Annie) aka The Pistol Annies.  Can they replace the Dixie Chicks, well no but they are their own creation of girls just wanting to have fun.  Their first album was a joyful hoot and this album promises more of the same with songs like “I Feel A Sin Comin’ On” and “Being Pretty Ain’t Pretty”.  This is going to be one played all summer long.  Here’s the first single about  family secrets “Hush  Hush”

Natalie Maines "Mother"   Patty Griffin "American Kid"


Pistol Annies "Annie Up"

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  1. morgan says:

    Natalie Maine’s new album is superb and you can stream all of it here:

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