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Joni MitchellIn the post Grammy haze, there’s not much new coming out as everyone focuses on hopefully taking advantage of the Grammy bump.  There is however, a box set coming out from Joni Mitchell that is essential for any fan of singer-songwriters or actually fans of all genres of music.  Pop, Jazz, R&B, Country  Classical, Joni’s dabbled in them all.   The albums that get the most attention are the one’s when she was on the Reprise and Asylum record labels from 1968-1979 and now after only being available as an import, Joni’s first ten albums are now available in one set.

Lyrically, no one wrote more personal, heartfelt prose.  If you know anyone that’s a Taylor Swift fan, point them in the direction of Joni.  Joni was the original T-Swizzle (just call her J-Mizzle).  I think Taylor named her latest album, Red in tribute to Joni’s album Blue.  Taylor even looks eerily like Joni in this photo.

Whether ruminating on relationships past or present, no one can cut to the core like Joni. In honor of Joni’s 10-Album box set and because it’s Valentine’s Day this week,   I present to you a playlist of Joni’s most romantic songs, one from each of the 10 albums.

Joni Mitchell Studio Albums 1968-1979

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