New Music Tuesday

Two indie darlings release their long-awaited albums today.

Those two indie darlings are the Quin twins aka Tegan and Sara.  They  are now more than a decade into their career and have subtly moved from singer/songwriters to quirky new wave/rock sounds and are now with this new album looking to make a splash in the pop world.  In a time when “Gangnam Style” can hit 1.5 Billion views on YouTube, I can’t see why two identical twins Calgary can’t become the next big thing.  They’re already off to a great start with 1.4 million views since the November release for their first video “Closer”.

They also made a great interview/teaser trailer for the new album with Andy Samburg.

Also coming out today is local LA indie darlings Local Natives followup to their debut album “Gorilla Manor”.  This new album is entitled “Hummingbird”.  Expect to hear more of the harmonies and intricately arranged pop music that made Gorilla Manor such a fan favorite.  You can hear what I mean from the song “Heavy Feet”.  Expect to see their fan base grow with this new effort.


Tegan and Sara "Heartthrob" Let's Not Get Carried Away Local Natives "Hummingbird"



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