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The old timers keep coming out with new records which I guess is very encouraging. These are relevant artists because they still speak to their audience through their song craft.


First off, is the new one from John Doe of X and Knitters fame.   Once again John visits dark and lonely places.  To get an idea, here’s the poem he posted on his Amazon store website.

why are we so tired
we must’ve slept too long
how could we know how sick we were
when we were both too sick to talk

silence makes the heart grow colder
though we knew it didn’t matter
how hard we tried to make it better

scars are only wounds
that have lost their sense of humor

So it’s not exactly something to put on a Saturday night  but no matter how sad the music, John’s voice always makes me smile.

Not that they need any more publicity, as it’s the only band that KROQ plays (right after they play Sublime). However, it is quite a testament to a band’s longevity that they can still get played on radio stations throughout the country that cater to the 12-24 age group.  U2 can’t even do that.

I'm With You

Also, coming out is Glen Campbell’s (probably) last studio album.  You may have heard that Glen is dealing with early signs of Alzheimer’s but that hasn’t stopped him from hitting the road and playing his songs.  Doctors think that it probably helps him and keeps him vital by keeping him working.  I couldn’t agree more as long as he’s monitored I think it’s great.  He’s got quite a legacy and it’s great that he sounds so upbeat on this record.  You can give a listen on his website.  Just click on the album cover.

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