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The HBO show, “Girls” is returning for a second season but not before the soundtrack comes out.  The show makes great use of music and this soundtrack is an indie music lovers dream with songs with new music from fun., Santigold and Grouplove, as well as some favorites from Belle & Sebastian and Fleet Foxes.  This is a great scene where as most kids seem to do these days try to articulate their feelings in 140 characters.  In this scene Hannah decides to take control of her situation by simply changing songs from something solemn to Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own”.  Brilliant.

Another soundtrack coming out is a movie I had never heard of but I became intrigued because it’s by a group that intrigues me.  The movie is called Berberian Sound Studio.  It tells the story of  a British sound technician brought to Italy to work on the sound effects for a gruesome horror film. His nightmarish task slowly takes over his psyche, driving him to confront his own past.  The band creating the soundtrack is indie electric band, Broadcast.  Sadly, their lead singer Trish Keenan died at the age of 42 from pneumonia.  You can’t hear Trish’s lovely voice in this trailer but you get a sense of the creepiness inherent in the music.

Trish Keenan of Broadcast Let's Not Get Carried AwayLet’s include a little reminder of Trish in the song from 2000 “Come On Let’s Go”

Girls Soundtrack Volume 1: Music From The HBO Original Series Broadcast "Berberian Sound Studio"


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