New Music Tuesday

It’s the day before Halloween and at least ten new Christmas albums from the likes of Rod Stewart, James Taylor & Rita Coolidge are coming out with their efforts.  The one that intrigues me is the compilation Holidays Rule which features Fun., The Shins and Rufus Wainwright.   I would give you a sample but I’m just not in the mood yet for Christmas music. If you do want to hear a sample from Sir Paul McCartney, you can go to the Rolling Stone site.

There is also secular music coming out and it doesn’t get any more secular than when Neil Young and Crazy Horse get together.  It’s always fun to hear Neil let loose and I think after putting out his autobiography and doing an album of covers he’s ready to explore new musical territories with a band that likes to let it rip…and they do  with only 9 songs making up this 85 minute, 2 CD package.  If you’ve got 17 free minutes give the song “Ramada Inn” a listen.

Possibly one of my top ten albums of all time is Stevie Wonder’s “Talking Book”,  Macy Gray seems to also love this album as she is releasing a tribute albums of this amazing collection of songs.  I guess I shouldn’t call it a tribute as Macy says, “This is not a tribute album or concert, it’s a love letter and a big thank you card on record and on stage.” The master of tribute albums Hal Willner is producing this which intrigues me enough to give it a listen.

Holidays Rule Neil Young "Psychedelic Pill"

Macy Gray "Talking Book"

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