New Music Tuesday

Sure Taylor Swift’s album “Red comes out today and will most likely break Mumford and Son’s 2012 opening week record of  600,000 but there are a couple other CDs that are also worth your attention.

The first is by Bat For Lashes,  “The Haunted Man”.  Don’t let the puzzling album cover scare you away this is music that is both intriging and engaging, which I guess also explains the cover picture.   So I guess you can tell a CD by its cover.  Front woman Natasha Khan weaves introspective songs with dark haunting sounds, perfect for Halloween.  Her first two albums received Mercury Prize nominations.  I expect this one to do the same.

The other album that caught my attention by surprise this week is an album by Interpol frontman Paul Banks.  As I mentioned in last week’s New Music Tuesday, solo albums usually leave something to be desired but Paul Banks has made the most of this solo effort pulling his music in a different directions with looping sounds and heavy bass sounds while still retaining the urgency of the music he creates for Interpol.

Taylor Swift "Red" Bat For Lashes "The Haunted Man"

Paul Banks "Banks"


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